Chicken – Illustration Friday

The topic of the week at Illustration Friday is Chicken.  

My illustration this week is a very SAD one. Where are Joe and Zoe?………

This one I did yesterday….a little more happy one!

©Dufwenberg Illustration&Design

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3 svar till Chicken – Illustration Friday

  1. Nancy skriver:

    What DID happen to Joe and Zoe? Did they get made into tonight’s dinner, or did they run off for greener pastures? Nice golden light in this, despite the sadness. :-)

    • Pernilla skriver:

      Thank You so so much Nancy!
      I think you can have right about tonight´s dinner… I´m afraid :)
      Hope to hear from you again

  2. Penelope Neal skriver:

    Your work is wonderful! Thank you for commenting on my blog—I love visiting everyone who comments! I’ve been introduced to some amazing artists that way, so thank you and keep up the lovely work! Can’t wait to see your next book.


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